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Greetings to our customers abroad!
In the following Q&A you can find most common questions and answers originating from the USA, Canada
and other countries.

Does the DVD disc work in every country?
If viewed on a PC or MAC with proper DVD-player software - it works everywhere, regardless of your home country.

Do you also ship abroad?
Of course. We ship the package in 3 days (max.) after we receive your order.
Control lessons take place over Skype, therefore it does not matter where you are, all you need is a computer with internet connection and installed Skype software

I own a 4-row diatonic accordion (USA mainly), but you offer lessons for a 3-row accordion, are lessons useful nevertheless?

Of course. 3-row lessons are more then enough for every beginner. 4-row accordion has the first three rows identical to the 3-row one. Later you just add the fourth row to your play.

I do not know what type of accordion do I have (C-F-B, B-Es-As etc.). On what kind of tuning do you teach?
As far as teaching is concerned it does not matter at all. Diatonic accordion lessons use a note-less system (only button
count), therefore the play is the same in ever tuning. The only difference is in the pitch of each type which is irrelevant for the learning process.

How can I pay?

Payments from abroad are accepted via Paypalwhich is an easy to use and a very safe on-line payment method. If you are not familiar with PayPal, contact us and we will give you all the details.

Are there any additional costs if shipping abroad?
No, there are no additional costs – you only pay the price stated in the order. 

Is it necessary to communicate with our
“Music school” in Slovenian language?
No, you can communicate with us in English, German, Italian, Serbo-Croat language.